Evolve Wellness

Empower. Align. Create is a triad for Soul growth.

There is no opposition. It is a continuum of energy that propels the next happening.

It is how you live life in the moment of NOW to its fullest.

It is the path to EVOLVE.

This is a three part approach to becoming free of self judgement, doubt and blocked energy by living in your Truth according to Universal Law.

Together we navigate life transitions to cultivate a strong foundation for growth and restore balance in the mind, body and spirit.

Be Empowered to Align with your best Self and Create a mindset for positive transformation and change.

Let’s work together to improve over-all wellbeing and enhance personal and professional growth.

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"Cold Spring Harbor. The name rings a bell even in those unfamiliar with Long Island. It’s home to the world famous genetics lab. It was the name of Billy Joel’s first album. Lindsay Lohan grew up here (Well, she’s still growing up, but we won’t go there…) And John Lennon had a home here." Read More
- Loving-Long-Island.com

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