The Harbor Rose

Deirdre and her daughter Zara share their beautiful historic home and their unique organic lifestyle with a European flair! Enjoy all the comforts of home with water views, restorative & detox healing services, organic gluten free breakfasts, luxury linens, modern amenities and adjacent to the Long Island GreenBelt hiking trails. Our bed and breakfast is in Cold Spring Harbor; the historic section of Huntington and 1 mile from Huntington Village, NY. It is perfect for a corporate retreat. We’re family friendly. We’re only an hour away from New York City.



"Cold Spring Harbor. The name rings a bell even in those unfamiliar with Long Island. It’s home to the world famous genetics lab. It was the name of Billy Joel’s first album. Lindsay Lohan grew up here (Well, she’s still growing up, but we won’t go there…) And John Lennon had a home here." Read More

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