See what's going on in Cold Spring Harbor!

Music In The Park

Join us from 3-6 PM for music in the park with the Mighty Ramon and the Phantoms of Soul

July 18, 2021

The Little Wilson Band

Join us from 3-6 PM for a concert featuring the Little Wilson Band!  

August 15, 2021

Harbor Mist Restaurant

Breathtaking Harbor Views ~ Offering Sea Food, Streaks & Italian Specialties. ~ Serving Lunch and Dinner ~ Steak and Lobster Nights ~ Sunset Menus ~ Catering for all occasions


Video By and Courtesy Of Justin Starr Photography
Instagram: @justinstarrphotography

Cold Spring Harbor is a lovely little town that can satisfy a shopping itch, your families hunger, your interest in history, or with a couple of lawn chairs and a picnic blanket can provide you with a place to relax all day by the waters edge. If you’re not the docile type there’s a shaded walking path known as the NY State Green Belt to activate some leg muscles.

Foodies will love The Harbor Mist and Grasso’s. Each restaurant has a fully stocked bar and a fabulous chef. For more casual dining there’s The Gourmet Whaler, Sweetie Pies On Main & the friendliest deli you will ever visit. A new restaurant is poised to be open soon right in the heart of Cold Spring Harbor called the Sand Bar.

Long Island is the most populated Island in the United States and the 17th most populated Island in the world. Interesting fact: LONG Island is more populated than the entire country of Jamaica and of Ireland!